Why Us?

Enthnography - Old man working on fishing netOur Research and Production Assets

  • A la carte media assistance or full concept-to-completion production packages
  • In-house talent and international production crews
  • Teams that understand your cause to encourage synergy
  • Strong relationships with experts in sustainability, agriculture, anthropology, international relations and peace
  • Integrity and ethics
  • Objectivity and reliability
  • Passion for your cause

Telling great stories and giving voice to the unheard is what we love.
Transforming a Great Cause into a Great Presentation is what we do.

Ethnography, Photography, Video Interviews, Film Production & Cultural Research

Documenting Culture in Action is our specialty. Our skilled team can bring the human element to life through ethnographic documentation as part of any case study, project management survey or research. We specialize in understanding best practices and help you document your project’s success not only so a clear, true story can unfold, but also to help support future funding and the continuation of your project goals.

We know the importance of culture and its role in our sustainable future. What sets us apart is our teams are guided by a code of ethics. Therefore, our work is done with sensitivities a typical production company knows nothing about. The combination of audio, photography, and film creates an output with multiple dimensions of sensory understanding and interpretation.

Media Consulting

GentleStorm Productions will help you maximize your media and make sure your money is spent wisely and effectively to communicate your message. We are experts on the power of visual imagery. We understand how important the right image is for your cause.

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