Research Studies and Media Production

GentleStorm Productions is an anthropologically-driven film and media company. We produce visual ethnography studies and complimentary media that supports social justice and influences policy development specifically in the areas of food, agriculture, sustainability, and peace.

Our mission is to empower cause-related social activism with ethnographically based media.

  • We conduct visual pre-implementation studies that help you save time and money.
  • We create engaging, compelling media projects that support your mission and goals.
  • We create outputs that promote and forward your cause and influence the public and policy makers to support your work.
  • We create media that communicates your benefit to stakeholders and funders for your organizations longevity.
  • We find the captive audience for your message through distribution, lobbying and marketing services.

The right media will help the right people understand why your cause is important.
Using the visual image to educate and inform is an important aspect of our work.

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